COVID, Job Keeper and HR Challenges

hr challenges

March 28 is the deadline for the end of Job Keeper. It’s important to be prepared for the next phase.

So much has changed already. For instance, COVID has highlighted what many businesses are doing well and what needs to change or be done differently.

Job Keeper has seen changes to the Fair Work Act, as well as the minimum hourly rate and leave entitlements. It’s a lot to get your head around, especially if you don’t have a dedicated HR department.

iHR Australia’s Director Professional Services Eileen Walsh said as future financial support from the government is uncertain, establishing proper a HR function can help organisations plan for the longer term and avoid potential penalties down the line.

“Now is the time to review your HR function and fix processes or procedures to align with any changes that have occurred, in order to properly manage staff and mitigate risk.

“The job keeper period saw a lot of organisations have to adapt and make changes to their structure. For example, there were changes in job descriptions for employees. It is important to ensure that these employees are now coming under the correct award that applies to them and that they have access to updated policies and procedures, which may have changed to reflect changing work conditions. It is critical that the leaders of organisations ensure that these HR Function areas of the business are up to date.”

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