Mental Ill Health in the Workplace

Mental Ill Health in the Workplace



This program will provide participants with an engaging experience that will provide them to practical knowledge and skills for the workplace. The program provides a basic awareness and understanding of how to recognise and respond to mental ill health in the workplace, and how to seek guidance. Our psychologist discusses real situations and provides practical approaches for dealing with issues.

Designed for: All employees

Program length: 2 hours



What is mental ill health?

Identify and discuss the common indicators of mental ill health.

What are the individual and organisational risk factors?

Identify organisational and individual psychosocial risk factors which can lead to the development or exacerbation of mental ill health.

What are the legislative-driven obligations of the employer and employee?

Understand your legal and ethical obligations towards employees with a mental health condition. Understand the employees’ legal obligation around disclosure of a mental health condition.

How can I prepare for, initiate and conduct a conversation with an employee who may have a mental health condition?

Identify and implement key considerations in each phase of the process.

What can I do to support an employee who may have a mental health condition and/or performance/conduct issue(s)?

Identify and negotiate organisational support, develop appropriate and reasonable adjustment strategies to enable an employee to meet the inherent requirements of their role. Discuss other organisational support such as formal Employee Assistance Programs.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Participate in a discussion, facilitated by our psychologist. Gain valuable insight by discussing issues, challenges and shared experiences faced by workshop participants.

Learning outcomes:

  • To recognise the signs of mental ill health, in others and self awareness
  • Identify the statutory obligations
  • How to communicate sensitively and effectively
  • How and when to seek guidance from others


Delivery Options:

Virtual Workplace Training: This program can now be provided using iHR Australia’s virtual training room. This allows participants to actively interact in a collegiate, online training session with their peers and to interact with an expert facilitator in a live environment. For more information, please speak submit an enquiry to speak to a member of our team.


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