Recruitment Training

In this program, participants will develop the ability to successfully conduct job interviews and recruit the best people for the role. Participants will practice interview skills and learn from an expert facilitator.
This training is designed for people with HR responsibilities within an organisation who are not directly employed in the Human Resources profession.

After taking the training, participants will understand what a successful recruitment process consists of, how to prepare for an interview, know what questions should be involved and how to analyse the candidate responses.

Not only will the process of a successful interviewing and recruitment process be explained, but also the expert facilitator will detail how the process is critical for organisations to save time and money.

Recruitment for Non-HR Managers Training is available as a full day program and is delivered by a Senior HR Advisor with expertise in the Area of Recruitment and Interviewing.

What the training will cover:

  • The benefits of improved recruitment skills;
  • Legislation and relevant legal considerations;
  • Common interview mistakes and pitfalls;
  • Effective interview preparation and practice;
  • The interview process;
  • Behavioural based interviewing;
  • Assessing candidate suitability; and
  • Sample behavioural interview questions and interview guide are provided.