Managing Mental Ill Health in the Workplace

Managing Mental Ill Health in the Workplace


Designed for: Current or potential internal workplace mediators

Program length: Full Day


Program Overview:

This program is ideal for current or potential supervisors, managers and HR practitoners looking to gain a better understanding around managing mental ill-health in the Workplace. In this program, iHR’s facilitator and expert Senior Workplace Relations Advisor will guide participants through the key principles of effectively and sensitively managing mental health in the workplace, focusing on relevant legal responsibilities and risk management considerations.

Participants will observe our unique Workplace Reality Theatre where the facilitator and actors will reenact relevant and engaging real-life scenarios for group discussions. Participants will conduct sensitive and effective conversations pertaining to early intervention strategies and will also participate in group case study activities pertaining to reasonable adjustment strategies. Participants will receive useful feedback from our facilitator, in addition to reflecting on their own performance.




Topics addressed include:

  • Legislative responsibilities of the employer and the employee.
  • Inherent requirements of the role.
  • Reasonable adjustment.
  • Unjustifiable hardships.
  • Understanding mental illness – Fallacies and Facts.
  • Types of mental illness – indicator alert, contributing factors.
  • Risk factors – workplace factors, biopsychosocial factors.
  • Early intervention strategies.
  • How to initiate and conduct a conversation about mental illness.
  • Performance management procedures.
  • Support Services and Resources.
  • Developing a Workplace Mental Health Policy.


Learning objectives:

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and comply with relevant legislative requirements.
  • Identify the indicators of a current period of mental unwellness.
  • Identify the risk factors which may precede a period of unwellness.
  • Identify reasonable adjustments to the employees’ role.
  • Apply relevant early intervention and performance management strategies.
  • Apply best practice risk management procedures.
  • Plan, initiate and conduct a conversation with an employee who may be demonstrating indicators of mental unwellness.
  • Identify post-workshop support and resources.
  • Identify the need for a specific Workplace Mental Health Policy.


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