Anti Discrimination and Bullying Training for Managers (Half day)

Custodians of Culture Part 1: Anti Discrimination and Bullying Training for Managers

Designed for: Managers, team leaders, supervisors

Program duration: 4 hours

Program Overview:

Our workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying training for managers emphasises that managers and senior leaders are the custodians of an organisation’s workplace culture. The program reinforces that effective leadership is key to preventing bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Participants will have the opportunity to explore effective leadership and will learn about the leadership styles that heighten the risk of workplace issues and the potential for litigation.

In this half-day workshop, an experienced iHR Australia facilitator and two professional actors will bring to life real workplace situations using our unique  Workplace Reality Theatre.



Topics addressed include:

  • The link between leadership behaviour and workplace culture;
  • The common styles of high risk leadership behaviour;
  • The effect of workplace culture as a factor for mitigating risk for an organisation in litigation claims
  • What is unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment and workplace bullying;
  • The role of managers in preventing discrimination, harassment and bullying in the work place, and role modelling the right behaviours;
  • Responding appropriately to inappropriate behaviour;
  • Responding to complaints about workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying; and
  • The importance of utilising the company’s policies and procedures when handling all aspects of discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Learning objectives:

At the conclusion of this workshop your managers, team leaders, and supervisors should:

  • Understanding of the importance of workplace culture and leadership style in preventing issues of discrimination, harassment and bullying in the workplace;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles and meaning of workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how workplace culture and patterns of unreasonable behaviour can impact on the ability of individuals and organisations to defend themselves against allegations of unlawful behaviour;
  • Understand the three elements of the managers role in preventing and handling issues of workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying; and
  • Understand the impact (financial and cultural costs) that unmanaged issues can have on employer brand, continuity of operations, staff morale and retention and attraction of employees.

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Public Training

In-House Training
In-House Program: This program can be delivered in your workplace, and use your organisation’s policies, procedures and values. The program can also be modified to suit your individual needs. More information about our Custodians of Culture for Managers – Part 1: Anti Discrimination and Bullying Training (Half Day) In-House Training.

eLearning Program: See information about our Workplace Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying for Managers interactive and animated eLearning program.