Workplace Mediation Skills Training

Workplace Mediation Skills Training



In this program, iHR Australia’s facilitator and expert Senior Workplace Relations Advisor will guide participants through the key principles of conducting an effective workplace mediation, focusing on best practice process and the skills required of an effective mediator. Participants will observe our unique Workplace Reality Theatre where the facilitator and our actors will re-enact relevant and engaging scenarios from real-life mediations for group discussions. Participants will conduct a basic two-party mediation and receive useful feedback from their disputants and our facilitator, in addition to reflecting on their own performance.

Designed for: Current or potential internal Workplace Mediators

Program length: Full day



Topics addressed include:

  • The importance of managing conflict in the workplace;
  • What mediation is and when it should be used;
  • Key legislation and guidelines;
  • Designing a mediation plan and preparing for mediation;
  • The mediation process step by step;
  • The mediator’s skills, knowledge and attributes;
  • Breaking impasse and other useful strategies;
  • Developing the mediation agreement;
  • Post-mediation activities;
  • Observation of a mediation;
  • Conducting and participating in mediations; and
  • Self, peer and facilitator feedback.


Learning outcomes:

At the conclusion of this workshop participants should:

  • Articulate the key principles of conducting effective workplace mediations;
  • Articulate the steps and structure of the mediation process;
  • Gain an enhanced understanding of the skills, knowledge and attributes of an effective mediator;
  • Develop a ‘toolbox’ of mediation strategies;
  • Develop a strategy for conducting an effective mediation in the workplace;
  • Conduct a basic workshop mediation between two disputants, using best practice process and skills; and
  • Understand the confidentiality and documentation requirements pertaining to a mediation session.


Delivery Options:

In-House Program: This program can be delivered in your workplace, and use your organisation’s policies, procedures and values. The program can also be modified to suit your individual needs. Enquire with the form below.

Public Program: See dates and locations for our Workplace Mediation Skills Public Training Program.

Virtual Workplace Training: This program can now be provided using iHR Australia’s virtual training room. This allows participants to actively interact in a collegiate, online training session with their peers and to interact with an expert facilitator in a live environment. For more information, please speak to a member of our team.

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