Stepping Up - Front Line Managers Training

Stepping Up – Front Line Managers Training



Overview This one day workshop is aimed at the first time or inexperienced Manager to provide them with skills, insights and tools to be able to confidently take on the role of the Manager. The program will focus on their responsibilities in building and managing the team, setting expectations, managing performance, and improving business results. Participants will also gain useful tips and techniques on how to communicate with team members and make the transition from team member to Supervisor or Manager. The training will be brought to life by analysis and practice of engaging real-life scenarios with iHR Australia’s professional actors and an expert facilitator using our Workplace Reality Theatre.

Designed for: Designed for new/inexperienced managers, supervisors and team leaders

Program length: Full day



Topics addressed include:

  • Responsibilities of a manager
  • Role in business performance
  • How to manage the team
  • Self-awareness
  • Building your team and culture
  • Setting expectations and holding employees accountable through performance management
  • Preparing for a performance discussion
  • Managing and communicating to your team including one-on-one discussions and team meetings
  • Coaching, giving feedback and handling conflict
  • Your path to management


Learning outcomes:

At the conclusion of this workshop participants should:

  • Understand their responsibilities as a manager
  • Be clear on their business area and expectations as a manager
  • Understand the importance of building personal self-awareness
  • Understand how to build their team and the right culture
  • Understand how to set expectations and hold employees accountable
  • Understand how to manage and communicate to the team
  • Understand how your actions set the tone for the team
  • Understand the nuances of how they came into the role, and the implications of how they should start their role


Delivery Options:

In-House Program: This program can be delivered in your workplace, and use your organisation’s policies, procedures and values. The program can also be modified to suit your individual needs. Enquire with the form below.

Public Program: See dates and locations for our Stepping Up – Front Line Managers Public Training Program.

Virtual Workplace Training: This program can now be provided using iHR Australia’s virtual training room. This allows participants to actively interact in a collegiate, online training session with their peers and to interact with an expert facilitator in a live environment. For more information, please speak to a member of our team.

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