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Investigating Allegations of Sexual Harassment

The #MeToo movement highlighted how widespread the problem of sexual harassment is and gave women the courage to speak up, even when the alleged perpetrator was someone of considerable power.…

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Why organisations should consider an independent workplace investigator

Last September, iHR Australia Managing Director Stephen Bell highlighted that through training in the area of Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment, managers must know that a direct line supervisor cannot conduct…


Confidentiality the key during investigations

iHR Australia’s Workplace Investigation experts have identified that confidentiality is the most critical team-based risk during the period an investigation is conducted. As a key requirement of an investigation, confidentiality…


The clash between old attitudes and new expectations

Read more about our Custodians of Culture: Anti-Discrimination and Bullying Training for Managers or enquire about the eLearning Program “Workplace Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying for Employees”. Enquire Now View Demo

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Addressing Inappropriate Behaviour

iHR Australia Workplace Investigations help identify the number one management skill for 2019 iHR Australia investigations have consistently revealed three problematic styles of leadership that contribute to a higher risk…


Management as a ‘Profession Mindset’ a Key to Risk Management

Bullying and harassment investigations often reveal a combination of low leadership and management skill, high technical expertise and little effort by employers to recognise ‘management’ as a profession. Here is…

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Workplace Bullying Investigations Highlight Need For Trilogy of Training for Managers

From experience conducting hundreds of workplace investigations iHR Australia’s Director Workplace Relations John Boardman contends that parties to a workplace investigation are often suffering mental ill health or are mentally fragile prior…

Lack of Training Heightening Legal Risk for Australian Organisations

Lack of Training Heightening Legal Risk for Australian Organisations

iHR Australia’s analysis of the workplace investigations it conducts indicates that untrained managers remain a high compliance risk factor for organisations.  Managers promoted without the skills to lead and manage…

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Role of the Workplace Investigator

The role of a  Workplace Investigator / Workplace Investigation Ofiicer includes: Maintaing a high level of familiarity with the organisation’s policies & procedures; Applying principles of natural justice to ensure…

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Workplace Investigation Process

4 step Workplace Investigation Process:   Preparation and information collection Interviewing the relevant parties Making a finding and report Resolution Activities   Communication and feedback to relevant parties should occur…

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Why incidents of workplace harassment or discrimination require the attention of expert investigators

All employers have an ethical and legal responsibility to ensure that their workplaces are safe and comfortable environments for every employee. If incidents of harassment or bullying occur in your…

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How to handle workplace discrimination issues before they land you in court – or in ‘trial by media’

When a workplace issue or complaint is raised, a thorough and impartial investigation is the ideal course of action to ensure the matter is dealt with effectively before it reaches…