iHR Australia Resilient Leadership in the Post-COVID Environment


The change and uncertainty arising from COVID and remote working have led to a fundamental shift in the psychological needs of people and teams. Leaders and organisations who stick with the comfortable approach of closely supervising employee activity are unlikely to maintain high engagement. In the post-COVID team, success, efficiency, customer satisfaction and the wellbeing of our people are critically dependent on leaders evolving from “eyeball” management (close supervision of tasks and performance) to an approach that emphasises EQ, understanding employee needs, and trusting employees by measuring them on goals and outcomes. Now more than ever, leaders also play a key role in helping their people build the resilience and confidence to cope with the changes posed by an uncertain job, business and industry environment. This course provides leaders with the skills and strategies for a resilient leadership style in the post-COVID environment.

Designed for: Leaders at all levels; from frontline supervisor to senior executive who are responsible for managing teams that are either fully remote, transitioning back into the office, or fully office-based, and are coping with job, organisational or industry changes caused by COVID.

Program Length: The course is 2.5 hours in duration (with breaks). It can be delivered by iHR Australia’s expert facilitators face to face or virtually over Zoom. Both options include iHR’s unique “workplace reality theatre” approach. This uses professional actors to demonstrate practical case studies in a live format. It provides a great opportunity for experiential learning, self-reflection and audience participation/skill development.

Designed for

Leaders at all levels from frontline supervisor to senior executives.

Course delivery options

On-site Delivery, Public Delivery, Virtual Delivery.  Learn more about our training delivery options.


2.5 Hours


Course Content

Content Summary

  • Understanding how to meet employees’ psychological needs in the post-COVID environment
  • How to adopt an outcome-oriented leadership style, and feel more comfortable trusting virtual teams to achieve goals without close supervision
  • Helping employees reduce anxiety and feel more in control in an uncertain company, industry or social environment
  • Early intervention strategies for addressing mental health risks posed by COVID / remote working
  • Building the competencies needed for success in a remote working /virtual team environment
  • Effective communication skills for virtual teams
  • Building a positive team culture in the remote working / post-COVID environment
  • Leading employees as they navigate the change of transitioning back to the workplace
  • Managing performance and conduct in virtual teams
  • The importance of leaders looking after their own self-care while building team resilience
  • Helping people achieve better work/life balance in a remote working environment

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