iHR Australia Managing Workplace Conflict

This program will provide a highly engaging, dynamic and practical experience to build knowledge and skills in resolving conflict between team members in the workplace, at a line management level.

Our Facilitator and acting team will bring real situations to life and provide practical approaches for dealing with issues.

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managing workplace conflict

Course Content

What is conflict?
Define, identify and discuss the triggers, pathways, causes and impact of conflict on the individual, the team, the manager and the organisation.

What is conflict resolution?
Define, identify and discuss the guiding principles and best practice conflict resolution process steps and outcomes.

What skills are essential for effective conflict resolution?
Identify, discuss and practice skills relating to effective communication, negotiation, assertiveness, interviewing, mapping the conflict, preparing team members, managing strong emotions, separating emotions from issues, identifying and building on commonalities, generating and assessing options, moving parties towards agreement and documenting and implementing the agreement.

How I can effectively manage the conflict resolution conversation?
Practice the key steps of the process and participate in the debriefing of a range of conflict resolution conversations.

Where do I go from here?
Plan to implement the learnings gained through participation in this workshop, with a group of peers. Identify further steps should your conflict resolution conversation not result in an agreement. Identify further support services and resources.

Learning Outcomes

Determine what conflict is, how it develops and the impact of unresolved conflict on all relevant parties;

  • Identify, respond and implement effective conflict resolution process steps and skills;
  • Conduct effective conflict resolution conversations between team members;
  • Identify further steps should the conflict resolution conversation not result in an agreement; and
  • Identify post-workshop support and resources