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2019 Expert Predictions


At iHR Australia some of our industry leading experts have taken the time to identify what they see as key points of focus for Human Resources Professionals for 2019. In a must read, our expert consultants and facilitators discuss a variety of topics, including:

Safety and Management
Mentally […]

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Nine points your next Workplace Bullying Training for Managers must cover


Not so long ago a Learning & Development Manager approached me regarding the creation of a 5 to 10 minute anti-discrimination, harassment and bullying eLearning module for her managers. ‘They won’t do any training that lasts longer than that’ she said with a kind of ‘been […]

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The Importance of Social Media Policies in the Workplace


With more than 15 million monthly Facebook users in Australia and an average of 35% of Australians using social media at work, the issue of social media and its role within the workplace is growing. As the boundaries between corporate life and private life become more blurred, employees […]

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Impacts of Domestic Violence on the Workplace


What is domestic violence and how prevalent is it?

Domestic violence is the physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, verbal and financial abuse that occurs in family, domestic or intimate relationships. iHR Australia’s Consulting Psychologist Dr Leigh Hodder says “the behaviours associated with domestic violence […]

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fathers wish for daughters workplace

A fathers reflections, a daughters work life


In celebration of International Women’s Day and in the context of the very public claims of sexual harassment, iHR Australia’s Managing Director Stephen Bell shares his feelings about his daughter finding her way to a professional career.

I wish for my daughter…

A workplace where she […]

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