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Addressing Inappropriate Behaviour


iHR Australia Workplace Investigations help identify the number one management skill for 2019

iHR Australia investigations have consistently revealed three problematic styles of leadership that contribute to a higher risk of bullying and harassment allegations. These are known by our team as Harsh and Reactive, Avoidant […]

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To post or not to post?


iHR Australia’s Workplace Investigations increasingly suggest that irresponsible use of social media is a high risk factor for Australian organisations.

iHR Australia’s Managing Director Stephen Bell, believes that uncontrolled postings, ranging from unintentional publication of confidential information to pictures from the organisation’s work functions can […]

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Workplace Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Training – Eight Reasons eLearning is a Viable Option


More than ever organisations and learners alike are looking to supplement or replace face-to-face training with eLearning.  Compliance training focusing on workplace, discrimination and harassment is a topic often put on the eLearning menu. But does eLearning stack up as an effective learning method, in particular […]

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New Sexual Harassment eLearning coming soon…




Learning Objectives:

Understand why the sexual harassment module exists;
Understands what constitutes sexual harassment;
Understand the risks to themselves and other workers of sexual harassment type behaviours in the workplace;
Understand the professional and legal consequences of not complying with the workplace policy and […]

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Workplace Racial Discrimination

eLearning Built Around Racial Diversity


Following on from last week’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination & Harmony Day, iHR Australia’s Managing Director Stephen Bell reflects on how eLearning built around racial diversity has a role to play in breaking barriers in Australian workplaces.

After having worked for international […]

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