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iHR Australia Poll: What sort of support should an employer provide?


Previous Poll Analysis

In our poll on 6 June, we asked respondents:

If an individual raises an allegation of sexual harassment in the workplace, but requests confidentiality and no action be taken, what should the manager do?


The results were as follows:

Respect the individual […]

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Confidentiality the key during investigations


iHR Australia’s Workplace Investigation experts have identified that confidentiality is the most critical team-based risk during the period an investigation is conducted.

As a key requirement of an investigation, confidentiality requires that information about the complaint will only be communicated to people on a need to […]

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To talk or not to talk?


Express your interest in iHR eLearning’s new program ‘Confidentiality’, which releases in March, 2019.

Expression of Interest

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