Onsite Training with Actors - Customised Training and Instructional Design

Onsite Training with Actors – Customised Training and Instructional Design

Customised Onsite Training with Actors

A signature feature of all iHR Australia training programs is our unique training methodology – Workplace Reality Theatre. Our professional actors re-enact real workplace situations, which the training participants then analyse in discussions led by an experienced facilitator. These performances occur live during each program.

Feedback shows this methodology is highly successful, with participants describing the training as “engaging”, “dynamic”, “entertaining” and “easy to understand”.

Using this methodology, iHR offers a range of training programs in areas such as leadership, anti-bullying and people management. Click here for a list of courses that are already available as public or onsite programs.

iHR also delivers bespoke training solutions, either by partnering with an organisation to create new content and delivery strategies or by adapting existing programs to suit specific needs. 


Customisation and Instructional Design

For onsite programs iHR Australia has a flexible approach to customisation and tailoring.

Training can be developed and modified in a number of ways, such as:

  • Re-enactments can be tailored to suit the work environment to reflect the setting or team culture
  • Content can be developed to address specific behaviours or cultural issues
  • Additional scenes can be developed addressing situations specific to your organisation
  • Existing program content can be customised to meet your organisation’s needs or objectives
  • Your organisation’s policies, procedures and values can be incorporated

iHR creates highly engaging programs to maximise learning transfer and applies proven instructional design and learning design models and techniques.

iHR uses the ADDIE model of training program development to ensure your organisation’s objectives are met, and applies proven instructional design principles to maximise knowledge retention and transfer of learning.

Customised training allows an organisation to benefit from content and delivery targeted to participants’ level and circumstances. This approach encourages a deeper understanding of the subject matter and its context.

To discuss your needs or to obtain a quote for onsite training, please call 1300 884 687 or make an online enquiry

Adult Learning Principles

iHR blends well-researched adult learning principles into the delivery of our training. This ensures our programs are designed to achieve maximum engagement and transfer of knowledge.

There are a number of key adult learning principles we apply, such as:

Active learning – Encouraging discussion, participation and interaction with actors to ensure participants are engaged in learning.

Multi-sense learning – We support visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners with a range of stimuli to make sure every participant gets the most out of our courses.

Primacy and recency – To ensure participants are focused on the primary goal of the training, we cover the key points and takeaways in the first and last parts of our sessions and ‘chunk up’ information into mini sessions, to aid retention.

Feedback and reward – Relevant responses are validated by facilitators. Participants are kept informed of progress through the learning path and are given the opportunity to ask questions and explore an area more deeply.

Practice and repetition – Regular summaries encourage retention, while physical participation also allows adult learners to absorb the utmost level of information and learning.

Meaningful material – Using Workplace Reality Theatre and case studies makes the training relatable, participants are faced with situations they recognise and have a desire to learn about.

Holistic Learning – The content of our programs sits in logical frameworks and participants are reminded how lessons fit into the big picture and how the training will benefit them in their roles.

Blended Learning

iHR also offers blended learning solutions, featuring online training based on cognitive science principles. Our online training uses 3D animation to create engaging, interactive eLearning which complements face to face training.

A range of online programs are currently available and blended learning solutions can also be customised. Our online training production partner World Learning Hub, can modify existing courses or create new content, this could include:

  • Inclusion of organisational policies, procedures and values
  • Inclusion of company logo, additional still images, links
  • Creation of new animations, activities and assessments

There are many reasons a blended approach may be appropriate. Many organisations choose blended learning for refresher training or where it is difficult for all workers to attend face to face courses, such as where part of the workforce is based off-site, in a remote location or where shift patterns make group training more difficult.

Onsite only programs

The following programs are available onsite only, alongside our public programs which can all be delivered at your workplace. All existing courses can be customised to suit the needs of the organisation.

More information about onsite training, instructional design or blended learning

Please contact us for further information or to discuss the needs of your organisation on Phone 1300 884 687 or make an online enquiry.