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Latest Question: June 18

Poll Results May 20

Do you think that the impact of COVID-19 on work ethic in Australia has been positive or negative?
Positive impact
Negative Impact

This is a fascinating result because it goes against the outcomes of research that has been conducted on an international scale that showed that a large number of employees found COVID had a positive impact on their work ethic.

The response we received suggests that although some people felt more productive potentially due to working from home, the overall impact on work ethic was negative for Australian employees and organisations.

This could be due to the stresses, the feeling of isolation, and the constant distractions from being at home, in particular when home schooling was required. Perhaps balance is the key to achieving a positive work ethic.  

Poll Results: May 6

In your view, which form of inappropriate behaviour is most common across Australian workplaces?
Workplace Bullying
Sexual Harassment
Age-based Discrimination
Racial vilification

According to our recent poll, bullying is still, by far, the type of inappropriate behaviour that occurs most frequently. This supports iHR Australia's recent report that shows bullying incidents accounting for 50% of workplace investigations conducted.

This is an important reminder that there needs to be a focus on trying to reduce this concerning behaviour. iHR Australia’s Equal Employment Opportunity Training is recommended to be delivered regularly in order to sustain a healthy and productive workplace culture for all employees.

Poll Results: April 22

Do you think the recent focus on inappropriate behaviour in some high-profile workplaces will ultimately be helpful to workers across Australia?

This high percentage may indicate the beginning of a change in workplace culture in Australian organisations.

Serious allegations have been made, prompting many to speak out. The federal government have indicated there will be a reform to the current workplace harassment laws, with changes aimed to be implemented by the end of June. We will keep you informed as these plans develop.