Human Resources Audit Sample Questions

Human Resources Audit Sample Questions


Human Resources Audit Sample Questions

An iHR Human Resources audit is an independent, objective and systematic review of an organisation’s HR function encompassing the following;

  • Legislative Compliance (Industrial Relations, EEO)
  • Strategy
  • Benefits and Compensation
  • Training and Staff Development
  • Recruitment
  • Employee Engagement
  • Performance Management


A selection of questions iHR uses when conducting a Human Resources Audit are listed below:


1. Do you feel the HR function adds value and supports your organisation’s strategy?

2. Does your HR function undertakes an annual planning process and review process?

3. Are you aware of your organisation’s HR plan?

Legislative Compliance

1. Does your organisation have an equal opportunity policy? Y / N / Unsure

2. Are managers aware of how to respond to EEO/harassment issues? Do they have these responsibilities outlined in their position descriptions? Y / N / Unsure

3. If an issue related to a potential hazard is reported to you, what are you legally required to do?

Benefits and Compensation

1. Does your organisation have a benefits and compensation policy? Y / N / Unsure. If yes, does the benefits policy coordinate with job descriptions and performance appraisals?

2. Are appraisals or performance measures linked to your benefits and compensations system?

3. Do you feel your organisation’s approach to benefits and compensation is fair and equitable?

Employee Engagement

1. Do you have formal processes for communicating information to staff? Y / N / Unsure

2. Do you have any processes in place to monitor the morale of staff?

3. Do you feel confident in conducting an effective staff / team meeting?


1. Does the organisation have a recruitment policy? Y / N / Unsure

2. If you have a policy, is the policy adhered to?

3. Is it OK to reject a job candidate based on any of the following attributes?

  • Physical Features
  • Union Status
  • Skills/Knowledge
  • Carer Status

Performance Management

1. Do you have a set performance appraisal system?

2. Does your organisation have a set process for managing non-performance?

3. Name three issues for which a staff member may be instantly dismissed.

Training and Staff Development

1. Is there a professional development program in place?

2. Do you have a formal system by which you identify individual training needs?

3. How effective and fair do you feel your organisation’s policies around Training and Staff Development are?

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To find out more about iHR Australia’s HR audits, please contact us on 1300 884 687 or make an online enquiry.  You can also complete a 5 minute survey for an indication of your HR function’s level of maturity. A representative from the iHR team will email your results within 5 business days.