Intervention Services

The scope of the service can include:

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    Preliminary Assessment

    Preliminary Assessments are used to gain further information in relation to a complaint/grievance and provides recommendations as to appropriate next steps and/or interventions, which may include undertaking further broader inquiries and/or undertaking an investigation.

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    Conducting independent workplace investigations into complaints and allegations relating to inappropriate workplace behaviours or breach of workplace policies including workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination.

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    Inquiries / Assessments / Reviews / Diagnostics

    A workplace inquiry is used to assess workplace dynamics. Inquiries are conducted if it is suspected that underlying tensions exist between colleagues or inappropriate behaviours may be taking place, before the situation escalates and a formal complaint is made.

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    Reviews of Investigations

    iHR Australia can review an investigation that has been conducted internally by an organisation. This may be required to confirm procedural fairness has been observed or to test the validity of the findings.

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    Mediation and facilitated discussions

    Workplace mediations and facilitated discussions are dispute resolution techniques used to assist parties to resolve issues and achieve an ongoing workable relationship between parties. A facilitated discussion is less formal than a mediation and does not have the same confidentiality requirements attached to it.

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    Facilitated Group

    iHR Australia can deliver a facilitated workshop or team building workshop to assist in restoring collaborative team dynamics, appropriate working relationships within teams and overall, to develop a new sense of team.

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    Coaching and Mentoring

    Coaching is a solution-focused, result–oriented process in which the Coaching Consultant facilitates the enhancement of performance and provides an environment for self-directed awareness. It is about transforming self-knowledge and insight into action. Coaching can also be used to provide one-on-one training and awareness in relation to appropriate workplace behaviours.

    Our Coaching Programs are effective because each program is specifically designed to meet individual and organisational goals. We use collaborative and flexible processes for selecting the specific components and processes to be used in the program. This ensures that the program is timely, relevant, and effective.