HR Recruitment

iHR Australia specialises in the recruitment of HR professionals across Australia at all levels and in all disciplines including:

  • Organisational Development
  • HR Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Change Management
  • HR Project Management
  • Learning and Development
  • Generalist HR

As a leading provider of integrated HR solutions across Australia we leverage our vast HR knowledge and experience to provide the best options for your organisation.

Three Options of support

iHR Australia offers three models of HR recruitment solutions:

  1. Temporary to permanent
  2. Traditional HR recruitment
  3. Outsourced, consulting or on demand
iHR Human Resources Mediations

1. Temporary to Permanent

With this option, your chosen HR staff or team member is initially employed by iHR Australia whilst they work in your organisation. After an agreed period of time your organisation can:

  • Employ the HR staff member directly
  • Extend the term of the arrangement
  • Cease the arrangement

This option helps to minimise risk and increase flexibility for your organisation.

The HR person is recruited or drawn from iHR Australia’s talent pool.

iHR Australia manages the recruitment process by undertaking the tasks of advertising and the initial selection. Working in partnership with your organisation, our team conduct a thorough and effective selection process by utilising our expertise and knowledge to satisfy the needs of your organisation.

The appointed person is initially engaged under contract through iHR Australia. After an agreed period and by mutual agreement with the new staff member, iHR Australia and your organisation, they will become a permanent employee of your organisation.

2. Traditional HR Recruitment

iHR Australia will request a brief from your organisation outlining your requirements. We then advertise the position, as well as drawing from our existing networks, to create a list of suitable candidates. Through a consultative process, an iHR Australia HR specialist will shortlist and conduct the first round of interviews. We then provide your organisation with a list of preferred candidates to interview. Following final interviews, the successful candidate will be employed by your organisation.

iHR Human Resources Mediations
iHR Human Resources Mediations

3. Outsourced, Consulting or On Demand

With a large pool of HR professionals on staff, iHR Australia is able to offer your organisation flexible access to our experts in the following ways:

  • Short-term placements
  • Long-term placements
  • On demand
  • Consulting assignments
  • Project assignments
  • Onsite partnering
  • Outsourced engagement

These options can be ideal if your organisation needs flexibility or a variety of expertise. Depending on the needs of your organisation and the type of service chosen, several resources may be assigned to suit your organisation’s needs. With this option, staff are employed by iHR Australia and contracted to your organisation on agreed terms.