HR Coaching

Human Resources Coaching Services


Invest in the ‘people’ people in your workforce. Coaching can help HR employees to achieve their goals or develop specific HR skills through training or mentoring. iHR Australia’s coaching services can help your organisation’s team to perform efficiently, and to understand the laws and best practices of the Australian workplace.


Coaching HR staff to perform

An efficient and responsive HR team is an important element in any organisation. By improving their skills using expert coaching, the benefits include staff who:

  • Are motivated and value the continued investment in their skills
  • Work to help your organisation to meet the laws and requirements of IR and workplace legislation • maintain relevant organisational policies and procedures
  • Help line-managers with their staffing challenges and projects.

HR coaching is suitable for junior HR managers, newly appointed HR managers, line-managers and other positions that have HR responsibilities within the organisation.


iHR Australia Coaching services

Our HR coaching services include:

  • Analysis of the current skills and training needs of individual HR professionals on your team
  • Devising a personal development plan (PDP) that will help individual HR staff to develop specific skills, including training options that suit your learning style
  • Mentoring of on-hand support and encouragement from HR experts