Employment Contracts

Employment Contracts services

Drawing up an employment contract that states the terms of employment, as agreed by the employer and the employee, is good practice. iHR Australia offers services that include the review of existing contracts or development of new contracts for your organisation.

An agreement between employer and employee

When an employee accepts an offer of employment (oral or written), a contract of employment has been established. Under this contract, both the employer and employee have certain rights and obligations. Developing a written contract is recommended, especially when:

  • Parties may subsequently need evidence to their understanding of the employment terms
  • The employee is not covered by an industrial instrument such as an award or enterprise agreement
  • Providing an entitlement above the relevant award or agreement
  • Offsetting an award entitlement against an over award payment etc.
  • Representation and advocacy in tribunals, as required
  • Advice and interpretation of applicable legislation
  • Adherence to theFair Work Act 2009
  • Adherence to good faith bargaining requirements and scope orders.

iHR Australia’s Employment Contract services

iHR Australia will review any existing contracts, relevant awards and legislation when developing new contracts for your organisation. Depending on your needs, more than one contract template may be required to cover different awards and/or cater for high-income employees, as defined by theFair Work Act 2009.

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