Do “un-ready” emerging leaders pose a risk?


Do “un-ready” emerging leaders pose a risk?

Do “un-ready” emerging leaders pose a risk?

22 July 2014

A look at some data on emerging leaders shows they may not be ready to take on the challenge.

A recent article published by HR Daily shows that employees who companies see as taking over leadership roles in the next five years are not displaying the qualities and skills needed to deal with today’s fast-paced, evolving workplaces.

Data was gathered by employment services company Hudson from more than 100 employees who CEOs flagged as potential successors in the next five years. Examination of the information found the employees’ attitude to dealing with change – or their “change orientation” – is significantly low compared with data from current leaders.


“The market’s actually requiring rapid change and decision making, but we’re seeing the leaders coming through with a style that is at odds to that,” Simon Moylan, Hudson Asia-Pacific talent management executive general manager, told HR Daily.

“[They’re] more likely to take longer time to make decisions. Being risk-averse they’re more likely to make partial decisions and be reluctant to make any major large-scale changes.”

Coupled with data from iHR Australia’s HR Maturity in Multi-location Operators report showing that 28 percent of managers are not ready to deal with workplace bullying complaints, it is clear that organisations need clear strategies in place to ensure that new managers and leaders are fully equipped to fulfil their roles.

With management roles requiring a range of skills it is unrealistic for employers to simply expect employees to step up into management without effective training to ensure they are aware of the expectations of their new position; including understanding their own leadership style, their role as a “Custodian of Culture” for the organisation and the increased responsibilities around addressing inappropriate behaviour.

The New and Emerging Managers program from iHR Australia helps organisations to avoid the risks posed by new managers who are not prepared to lead in an effective and lawful manner.

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