Frequently Asked Questions

iHR Australia is committed to providing the highest standard of support and assistance wherever possible. If you cannot find the answer to your question please contact us directly by phone on 1300 884 687 or via the contact us form.

  1. Are your training programs accredited?

iHR Australia is not a Registered Training Organisation with the Australian Skills Quality Authority. iHR Australia’s training programs are delivered by expert facilitators with significant industry experience providing participants with an in depth understanding of the topic at hand and opportunity to practice key skills through Workplace Reality Theatre to give an overview of the important facets of each topic. As a noted industry leader, iHR Australia’s training provides the compliance training required by organisations in today’s professional environment.

Upon completion of public training programs all participants receive an electronic certificate recognising attendance. Certificates are not provided for participants of training delivered in-house at your organisation’s premises.

  1. What is Workplace Reality Theatre?

iHR Australia’s face-to-face training uses a unique methodology, Workplace Reality Theatre, where professional actors re-enact real workplace situations. This methodology utilises storytelling and role plays to illustrate typical workplace behaviours to engage participants to discuss their thoughts and feelings to highlight core concepts and encourage learning. This methodology enables participants to recognise some elements in their own behaviour.

  1. Can your organisation deliver training at our premises?

Yes, iHR Australia delivers training for organisations Australia wide. Depending on location of premises, travel may be required and associated costs would be charged at cost in addition to the training delivery fees. For delivery of training in regional locations a loading fee in addition to the training delivery fees will be included.

  1. Can our policies be incorporated into in-house training delivered for our organisation?

For in-house training your organisations policies and values can be included into the training manual for the reference of participants. Any further changes to the standard training content around policies or values may require customisation time by the facilitator (see below for further details on customisation).

  1. Can in-house training be customised?

Yes, iHR Australia’s training can be customised to specific objectives of the organisation. Before the delivery of in-house training, you will get an opportunity to speak to the facilitator who will be delivering the program to your organisation.

If customisation is required for your training, consulting time for the facilitator to tailor the program will be charged by the hour in addition to the training delivery fee. Customisation time depends on the program, your organisations requirements and an estimate can be provided upon discussion with the iHR Australia team.

  1. Can the maximum number of participants be increased?

Our programs have a set maximum that ensures all participants finish the training with the best possible experience and engagement. It is highly recommended that organisations stick to the maximum as any increase in numbers to ensure quality of the learning outcomes.  Upon consultation with the iHR Australia team it may be agreed to adjust participant numbers to accommodate operational requirements, however additional charges may apply.

  1. What can I do if I don’t have enough participants for an in-house training session?

If you do not have enough participants for an in-house training session and the training program is one that is also delivered as a public training program you can look to register participants in one of these sessions hosted across most capital cities.

  1. Is there a minimum number of participants?

To deliver our in-house program, iHR Australia recommends seven (7) or more people for the program in order to have participant engagement at its most effective level through the various skills practice components. Training can however be delivered to groups under this size.

  1. Do I get a certificate at the end of training?

Upon completion of public training programs all participants receive an electronic certificate recognising attendance. Certificates are not provided for participants of training delivered in-house at your organisation’s premises.

  1. What locations do you run public training?

Currently iHR Australia offers sessions in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra.

  1. Is lunch provided at your public training sessions?

Lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea are provided at all our public training sessions, for which the cost is covered as part of the registration for the day. Upon confirming registration for a Public Training program, attendees will be asked to provide information of any dietary requests.

  1. Do I need to bring anything to a public training program?

Workbooks, notepads, pens and meals are provided for every participant at each of our public training programs.

  1. Is there a dress code for public training?

Whilst there is no specific dress code for public training, smart casual attire is recommended.

  1. What happens if I can’t attend a public training session and want to be notified when a new one is scheduled?

Contact our team via phone on 1300 884 687 or complete an expression of interest form. When a new date becomes available, a member of our team will contact you directly.

  1. Is invoicing an option for public training?

Yes, once an invoice is arranged for a public training registration and is payable in seven (7) days, in order to confirm seat for participant.

  1. iHR Australia cancelled a public training session that I’m registered on, what happens next?

An iHR Australia representative will be in contact with you regarding options for rescheduling.

  1. What is your public training refund or cancellation policy?

Please refer iHR Australia’s Public Training Registration Terms & Conditions policy

  1. How do I keep up-to-date with latest news and training dates?

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