Anti Discrimination and Bullying Training for Employees

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Program Overview

It is important that your staff understand the principles of equal employment opportunity legislation and anti-bullying guidelines, including the role they have to play in the prevention and reporting of incidents in their workplace. In this program an experienced iHR facilitator and two professional actors will bring to life real workplace situations using iHR's unique Workplace Reality Theatre that demonstrate these issues. 

Course Content

Topics addressed include:

  • The intent of EEO legislation and anti-bullying guidelines
  • Individuals' behaviour and its impact on workplace culture
  • What is unlawful discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • What constitutes bullying/harassment and what is appropriate performance management
  • Appropriate options for reporting issues
  • Appropriate responses to issues experienced or observed

Learning objectives

  • Understand the relevant legislation
  • Understand the grounds of unlawful discrimination and harassment
  • Being aware of what is considered to be harassment, sexual harassment and bullying
  • Understand how to use the internal resolution process
  • Understand individual rights, responsibilities and liabilities.

Proven Methodology – iHR's Workplace Reality Theatre

All iHR programs are based on adult learning principles and are designed to maximise learner engagement and transfer of learning. A signature feature of all iHR programs is the use of our unique training methodology Workplace Reality Theatre.

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Designed for

General staff, contractors

Program duration

2 hours

A signature feature of all iHR training programs is our unique training methodology - Workplace Reality Theatre. Our professional actors re-enact real workplace situations, which the training participants then analyse in discussions led by an experienced facilitator. These performances occur live during each program.

Feedback shows this methodology is highly successful, with participants describing the training as “engaging”, “dynamic”, “entertaining” and “easy to understand”.

To discuss your needs or to obtain a quote for onsite training, please call 1300 884 687 or make an online enquiry

Customised Training and Instructional Design

For onsite programs iHR Australia has a flexible approach to customisation and tailoring. Re-enactments can be tailored to suit the work environment; this might include amending the scripts or language featured to reflect the setting or team culture. Your organisation’s policies can also be included and training can be modified to focus on particular objectives, specific behaviours or cultural issues.

iHR uses the ADDIE model of training program development to ensure your organisation’s objectives are met, and applies proven instructional design principles to maximise knowledge retention and transfer of learning.

Customised training allows an organisation to benefit from content and delivery targeted to participants’ level and circumstances. This approach encourages a deeper understanding of the subject matter and its context.

Blended Learning

iHR also offers blended learning solutions, featuring online training based on cognitive science principles. Our online training uses 3D animation to create engaging, interactive eLearning which complements face to face training.

A range of online programs are currently available and blended learning solutions can also be customised. Our online training production partner World Learning Hub, can modify existing courses or create new content, this could include:

  • Inclusion of organisational policies, procedures and values
  • Inclusion of company logo, additional still images, links
  • Creation of new animations, activities and assessments

There are many reasons a blended approach may be appropriate. Many organisations choose blended learning for refresher training or where it is difficult for all workers to attend face to face courses, such as where part of the workforce is based off site, in a remote location or for shift workers.

More information about onsite training, instructional design or blended learning

Please contact us for further information or to discuss the needs of your organisation, call 1300 884 687 or make an online enquiry.

Onsite Training participants say

“Very well presented with situations you could relate to.”

“Bringing this topic to life gave it even more substance & truth as to how serious this issue is.”

- Infrastructure

“Presenter was fantastic, really clear and engaging. Actors were great and engaging, made training interesting.”

“Facilitator has a great presentation style and is non-judgemental in his communication style. This is good as provides opportunity to ask questions without feeling embarrassed.”

“Useful to reaffirm and remind oneself of the policies, procedures and actions required.”

- Finance

“Excellent training. Delivered a fairly dry topic in a very engaging way.”

“Acting was a welcome inclusion compared to role play and movies.”

“Replay of scenarios demonstrating, this is bullying but this is not bullying.”

- Energy and Utilities

eLearning/Online Training Solutions

iHR has partnered with World Learning Hub (WLH) to provide an online version of our famous EEO training courses. WLH provides online courses and an eLearning management system to help reduce the risk your organisation may face against claims of breaches:

  • Breaches EEO (Equal Employment Opportunitiy) legislation
  • Workplace Discrimination
  • Workplace Harassment
  • Workplace Bullying

These online courses can be used to compliment face to face training through iHR and can be used as an annual refresher. 

WLH offer a dedicated online EEO Equal Employment Opportunity anti-bullying harassment and discrimination training solutions for:

This dynamic, engaging learning experience is the most comprehensive available. Rather than just focusing on compliance and law matters, this program allows users to understand the links between effective leadership, respectful behaviour and minimising the risks of allegations of workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying. 

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