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Welcome to the team: Making induction work

Recruiting a new team member can be a long, hard slog.

So when you do finally find the ideal applicant who ticks all the boxes, it can feel like your mission is complete. But don't pat yourself on the back just yet, because a well-planned induction is an essential part of the recruitment process.

Rather than just covering the basics of how to do the job, an induction sets the tone for that employee's experience of your company—good, bad or otherwise. Anyone who has started a new role and felt cast adrift in a sea of unfamiliar people, products and processes can attest to this.

"We've got a friendly team; we don't need a formal induction," some companies might think. But take a moment to consider the time and money spent advertising the role, filtering the applications, conducting interviews, checking references, and training the new recruit. Would you really want to repeat the experience when the new employee bails because of a less-than-engaging starting experience? Probably not.

There are some easy ways to make induction painless for you and your new employees. First, be prepared—have buddies booked in, have business cards ready, and make sure the team is ready to welcome your new recruit on day one. Second, make induction a shared responsibility—get each member of the recruit's team to help out, share knowledge and help him or her get to know the job and the company. Finally, don't rush it—there's a lot to absorb in the first few days (months, even), so give the recruit time to settle in. Check in regularly and build new employees' knowledge as they become more comfortable in the workplace.

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