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Inadequate Disciplinary Policies Risk to all Australian Organisations

Gas worker reinstated by Commission after sacking for alleged racial slur


The Fair Work Commission has called on employers to introduce a greater range of disciplinary options like fines and unpaid suspensions into agreements to avoid "inappropriately lenient or inappropriately harsh" responses to misconduct that are problematic for all parties concerned.

The Commissioner made his comments in finding that an oil and gas production technician was unfairly dismissed for using a derogatory term in describing a sexual encounter with an Aboriginal woman within earshot of indigenous co-workers while on a bus to a project site.

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The True Cost of Poor Workplace Complaint Handling

iHR Australia as a leading workplace investigations provider, continues to observe the impact of a lack of line manager understanding and skill in applying complaint handling processes. This common error includes trivialising, misinterpreting or even ignoring complaints.

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Effective Interviewing: Does your hiring manager know the right questions to ask?

Interviews can be stressful, not only for the candidates but for your managers as well as they are often involved in the recruitment and selection process. Interviews are a common tool for employment decision making, yet many organisations have not maximised the effectiveness of their interviewing process. Effective recruitment processes and selection practices benefit the organisation by introducing new skills and experience that can improve departmental and organisational performance; reducing turnover resulting in significant organisational savings; and improved work environment through candidates whose values align with the workplace culture.

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