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iHR’s Director explains the importance of culture in the workplace.

What our Custodians of Culture program focuses on in particular, is the relationship between workplace culture and compliance – compliance to legislation related to discrimination, harassment and bullying.
You can have a high-risk culture which is deeply influenced by leadership or lack of leadership, and those high-risk cultures can facilitate behaviours that are unlawful or inappropriate.
It’s important to recognise that from a compliance point of view, when you’re standing in the federal court defending a case of sexual harassment or whatever your workplace culture precedes you into that manor.


The key objective of the Custodians of Culture program is to ensure that participants understand the relationship between leader behaviour, workplace culture, and the potential risk of allegations of discrimination, harassment, bullying, that actually can become litigation. And to understand that our behaviour every day; the way we act, the way we talk to our people is culture forming and has the potential to either have a positive impact or a negative one from a risk point of view.


What you’re saying

“The use of live actors enables participants to become more emotionally engaged and creates a higher level of interest and involvement.”


Workplace Reality Theatre; where did it come from and what is it exactly?
Where did Workplace Reality Theatre come from?
The iHR and acting training fusion came together in the early 2000’s. A couple of my friends who’d been working in the United States as actors returned and I had them around one night after a client meeting. This client had said to me he needed some EEO training that wouldn’t send everyone to sleep. With my acting friends, we created and delivered an employee and management session, which included them acting out common workplace situations. It was a great success, and certainly didn’t put people to sleep! I named the concept Workplace Reality Theatre. It is certainly the basis for iHR to becoming one of the leading training companies around workplace conduct in Australia and probably one of the leaders in the world.


What is Workplace Reality Theatre?
Workplace Reality Theatre is unique to iHR Australia’s training. It came after the realisation that workplace training wasn’t keeping participates engaged. iHR set out to create engaging training.
Workplace Reality Theatre, is live theatre during the training sessions. Professional actors re-enact real workplace situations, which have been specifically chosen for each program and highlight various common workplace behaviours.
Our experienced facilitators use the acted scenes as the basis for discussions, the scenarios are dissected and analysed to allow training participants to gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
For onsite programs, the re-enactments can be tailored to suit a workplace environment, culture and specific objectives to ensure training remains relevant to your organisation.
Live acting makes subtle behaviours, such as body language, gestures and tone of voice, more clear for the audience and assists the facilitator in explaining and demonstrating desired behaviour and good practice. 



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