Customised Training and Instructional Design - further information

iHR Australia has a flexible approach to customisation and tailoring of training programs which can include:

  • Customising existing iHR programs to meet your organisation’s needs
  • Incorporation of your organisation’s policies, procedures and values
  • Development of scenes addressing situations specific to your organisation that are delivered by our Workplace Reality Theatre
  • Blended learning solutions for organisations wishing to combine eLearning with face to face training

iHR creates highly engaging programs to maximise learning transfer and applies proven instructional design and learning design models and techniques

Our Approach to Customisation and Tailoring – the ADDIE model

iHR uses the ADDIE model of training program development to ensure your organisation’s objectives are met.

The ADDIE model has five phases; Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate.


In this phase iHR will work with your organisation to gain a greater understanding of the learners’ needs and desired business outcomes. Typically this phase is completed by meeting relevant stakeholders and reviewing relevant documentation. In this phase iHR will discover:

  • Who is the audience? What are their current capabilities?
  • What are the required skills knowledge and behavioural outcomes?


Drawing on the information gathered in the Analyse phase iHR will prepare ‘High Level Designs’ (HLD) for the program. The HLDs will feature key content, learning objectives, activities and proposed timings. The HLDs will be presented to relevant stakeholders for discussion, modification and final approval before iHR moves on to the next phase.


In this phase iHR will leverage existing iHR program material and create new material to meet the requirements identified in the Analysis and Design phases. Deliverables for this stage can include:

  • Tailored versions of iHR’s Workplace Reality Theatre re-enactments
  • Workbooks
  • Lesson plans
  • Supporting resources

iHR will create draft versions of all deliverables for your organisation to review and provide input into.


This phase is where the training is delivered to a group of ‘test’ participants as a pilot session.


In this phase iHR will evaluate the effectiveness of the program and materials that have been created and used with the pilot group. Depending on the outcome of the evaluation the modules and materials may be fine-tuned prior to full implementation.

More information about customised training and instructional design

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